What does it mean to
invest with BigFundr?

Easy-to-use platform
Simple product structure
Principal & Interest Guaranteed

Fight Inflation with our Guaranteed Returns

Inflation erodes the value of money over time, making what you have today worth less tomorrow. BigFundr offers real estate-backed Deals that guarantee your principal and interest so that you can make the most of your money.

Higher Interest Rates

We offer better-than-market rate of returns (i.e 6% nett p.a or more) in our Deals and guarantee your principal and interest.

Guaranteed Real Estate-Backed Loans

We structure multiple layers of guarantees into each Deal to ensure security of your investments.

When it comes to investments, transparency matters

Complicated schemes make you prone to making bad decisions and mistakes. Our Deals are structured simply so that you can see what you are really committing to.

No High Capital, No Tiers

Start with a minimum sum of S$1,000 and enjoy a flat interest rate as advertised.

Flexibility and Control

Without having to adhere to a long list of commitments, you’re free to respond to life’s immediate needs and make changes as they occur.

Few Requirements

Focused on providing the best products without the many prerequisites.

Grow your wealth with BigFundr.
We have what you need.

More than 6% nett p.a

Higher returns

100% guaranteed

Safe and secure


Easy to understand

How high is high?

More than 6% nett per annum

BigFundr offers superior risk-adjusted returns. This figure is currently more than 6% nett p.a., and will constantly be updated to stay above market rates. This is possible because of our online business model and operational efficiencies.

How safe is safe?

Backed by Real Estate

BigFundr’s Deals are made up of loans to real estate developers, i.e., the Borrowers, and secured on the real estate as collateral.

No Fluctuations, Only Growth

As the Lender of a loan, you are entitled to receive your money after a specified period. You also receive interest.

100% guarantee for your principal & interest

Maxi-Cash* backs all of BigFundr's Deals with a 100% guarantee to facilitate punctual repayment of monies to our investors in the case of borrower default.

How easy is easy?

While other reputable savings products with high interest rates are also available in the market, the requirements they demand from you is often more than a high minimum sum. BigFundr’s Deals are created for the average Joe - we don’t make you jump through hoops to qualify.

No minimum spend on specific
credit cards

No minimum spend in various
transaction categories

No minimum salary credit

Non-tiered rewards system.
Fairly simple.

What else should I know?

BigFundr is focused on providing the best products within our niche to all our customers without the many prerequisites that most larger institutions requires.

Low entry requirement

Invest from as little as S$1,000

No hidden costs

Creating an account with us is free. So is depositing and withdrawing your money.

Enjoy monthly interest

Interest is credited to your account monthly and available for withdrawal anytime.